Saturday, January 1, 2011

Grandpa Randall

Derek, Hobart Randall, Meghan & Steven Carbonneau
The day after Christmas Steven, Meghan, Derek and I went to see my Grandpa Hobart Randall in Prescott.
He was a miner all his life, mining, and building mining equipment for other mines. He now resides in a home for pioneer miners of Arizona.
Steven and Meghan announced they are expecting and due on August 2nd (Grandma Randalls birthday).
Grandpa asked the kids about their activities and such. Then talked about his time in high school. As he talked I jotted notes on my phones notes application.
White kids went to Phoenix Union High, Carver High School was for the "blacks"
In the 1930's teachers made $90.00 a month.
A miner at Hillside Mine made $120.00
In 1936 he quit school. It was his junior year and he went to work for Hillside Mine.

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